About Mike

By day, I work as a SharePoint Developer specializing in PowerApps, Power Automate and PowerShell to solve business problems. Let's connect on LinkedIn if that's your jam.

By night, I've been teaching myself web development and I've fallen into Jamstack because of the static site generator (Eleventy) I use to build this site. As I'm typing these words, I'm interested in learning more javascript and node.

Lately, I"ve been embracing IndieWeb, which for me means being purposeful about my online identity and the content I'm producing, such as it is. I've also become passionate about online privacy and resisting surveillance capitalism, which lines up nicely with the IndieWeb movement. If I'm owning my own site and content, then it's harder for the online tech giants to track me across the web. Instead of writing tweet chains on twitter, I'll post my thoughts on my blog. Instead of using Goodreads to track my book reviews, I want to make an effort to prefer posting those ratings and reviews on my site first.

My passions go through peaks and valleys but I also enjoy foosball, hiking, riding bicycles (bike packing!), grilling and my cats.

Nearly 20 years ago, I was involved signing up for an online message board related to the little town I lived in at the time. I was into this industrial metal band called Fear Factory. They had a recently released album called Obsolete. I was twenty-nine years old. Add all that up and you get obsolete29.

The photo I'm using as my avatar on this site and social media is from highschool, circa 1990. Dig the mullet?

About this site

I think of my site as a digitial garden, that I'm always tending to and adjusting. I get a lot of value from the journey and I'm not sure I'll ever get to the point where I'm "done".

This site is built using the static site generator Eleventy, hosted on Capsul. I started with Vannilla CSS as the basis for my styles and tweaked a few small things for my own preferences. I conider my site design to be a minimilist design which was heavily influanced by the following people and sites:

I write my posts in markdown in Visual Studio Code.

Contact me

Feel free to contact me about anything.

I prefer encrypted email (Email Self-Defense) or xmpp.

gpg --recv-key 5DDEA4614C11AACB5B130E53C4AE754A79F922AA


curl -sf https://obsolete29.com/pgpkey.txt | gpg --import