Can someone please explain prayer to me?

It seems most people think prayer works this way. Lady prays, is involved in an accident but God saved her; presumably because she just prayed.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500"]From Facebook... From Facebook...[/caption]

Most people seem to believe that things happen according to God's plan and that everything happens for a reason. If everything happens according to God's plan then why bother praying about it? You're going to be protected no matter since it's part of The Plan. I really have a problem with the God's plan line of thought anyway because that means that 6 millions Jews went into the oven because of God's plan but that's another post I suppose.

If God gets the credit for saving the woman in the Facebook post because she prayed, who gets the blame for allowing stuff like this? If you subscribe to the idea that God saves people then you have to conclude that God choose not to intervene.

I get slightly annoyed by the overly simplistic worldview of people like Mrs Miller. She was involved in a minor accident in slippery conditions. She was "saved" by the engineering that went into her car and luck, no super natural explanation required.

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