Cycling the C&O and GAP Trails (Reloaded): Day 6 Cedar Creek to Pittsburgh

Today's Distance: 41 miles Total Distance: 347.2 miles

Day 6 - The big finish

I made it. I rode my bike all the way from Washington DC to Pittsburgh PA. That's a pretty nice feeling.

The ride itself was pretty easy - only 41 miles so I took my time breaking camp and getting on the road. During the night, my external battery and phone battery both died so I felt kind of discombobulated not being connected to friends or family or having a way to really navigate. Additionally, I woke up to the second flat of my trip. This time I actually found the tiny metal splinter and removed it.

I had breakfast at a diner in West Newton and I tried to charge up my devices.

The rest of the ride was uneventful. I spent most of the time in silence (dead phone) and that was actually pretty nice in retrospect.

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