Scooter user death in Nashville shows how car centric we are

Metro Nashville PD tweeted about the death of Melinda Lovelady while riding a Lime scooter in downtown Nashville.

BREAKING: Melinda Lovelady, 54, of Tyler, TX, was killed tonight when she lost control of the Lime scooter she was riding in the northbound lane of 3rd Av S @ Symphony Pl. Lovelady collided with the rear tires of a southbound moving semi tractor. She died at the scene.

-- Metro Nashville PD on Twitter 10:44 PM · Oct 3, 2021

The area where the accident happened is in downtown Nashville, where lots of people are walking around and having a good time. Scooters are often used by people to zip around and sometimes those people have been drinking. Reading the comments really shows the blind spot people have for cars.

  • Those scooters need to be banned, nashville has wwaaaaaaayy to much traffic and has for years
  • How many more have to die or get seriously hurt on these scooters before they get banned??? Serious question
  • These scooters are a death trap. Something needs to be done.

I'd like to point out that it's not the scooters that's dangerous. It's the interaction of the scooters with cars that's dangerous. Why was there a semi truck cruising downtown Nashville? Why are there cars allowed below 5th Ave on the weekends? Why aren't people saying how many more people have to die or get seriously hurt by cars before they get banned??? Serious question? Yes, people use the dumb scooters without a helmet and after drinking but so what? Over 36k people died in the US from car accidents but it's the scooters that are the dangerous menace.

If any place in Nashville can be considered a walkable, pedestrian friendly area it's here. Cities should be made for people not cars. Can we at least make this part of Nashville for people?

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