Researcher cracked 70% of WiFi networks sampled in Tel Aviv

Hey folks, be sure you're choosing a good password for your WiFi network.

A researcher has managed to crack 70% of a 5,000 WiFi network sample in his hometown, Tel Aviv, to prove that home networks are severely unsecured and easy to hijack.


The researcher was able to do this because people are using weak passwords. Secure your WiFi properly. I personally like using passphrases instead of passwords. Instead of using 'Z#lJ+uK+A^H7J{j@LK%$, I'd use accompany.morbidity.daycare.ribcage as my password. Passphrases are easier to type on a mobile keyboard.

From the article:

The research shows that most people are not setting a strong password for their WiFi networks even though they are at risk of being hacked.

If your WiFi password is hacked, anyone can access your home network, change your router's settings, and potentially pivot to your personal devices by exploiting flaws.

Good passwords should be at least ten characters long and have a mix of lower case and upper case letters and symbols and digits.

Since you're thinking about updating your WiFi password, go ahead and check out the router configuration guide at Decent Security. Lots of good information there.

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