My Open Source contributions for 2022

Hey folks! It's that time of year where I go through and decide which projects I'm donating to. Last year I shared what my open source contributions were. My hope is that I can encourage or inspire others to support the projects they love and use the most. Here are my contributions for 2022!

  • Aegis Authenticator - Pretty great open source 2FA app. ($52/year)
  • AntennaPod - I don't listen to a ton of podcasts. I go through spurts but I think it's enough I should support the project. ($52/year)
  • Codeberg - GitHub but without all the code stealing and AI teaching. It's where I host the build files for my sites. ($52/year)
  • Eleventy - Static site generator I use to run my site. ($52/year)
  • Home Assistant - Free and Open Source home automation. ($52/year)
  • KeePassDX - KeePass for Android! ($52/year)
  • KeePassXC - KeePass for Linux! ($52/year)
  • Mastodon project - These are the people who write the Mastodon software!! ($52/year)
  • Mozilla Foundation - These people make Firefox. I'm not super happy with their direction but the fact of the matter is, Firefox is still the best browser for me. Even if I end up using some fork of Firefox, contributing to at this level is still helping downstream forks. ($52/year)
  • Navidrome - I listen to a lot of music and this helps me have a bit more of a sophisticated approach to my music curation. ($52/year)
  • Syncthing - Sync things on my local network. What's not to love about that?? ($52/year)
  • Wikipedia - I don't think I can imagine the Internet without Wikipedia. ($52/year)

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