Privacy Policy

In this Policy, when I refer to “this website”, “my website” or simply “it”, I’m referring to the website

My intent is to respect people's privacy.


This site runs on a VPS hosted on Capsul. They're operated by a Minnesota non-profit organization that will never exploit you. As far as I know, they're not tracking anything I'm doing on my VPS. In their FAQ, they say they only retain my email address that's associated with the VPS.

Otherwise, the default logging is set for Apache2 but I'm not doing anythign with the log files and will be figuring out how I can clean this up automatically.


As of Oct 2021, I no longer use analytics on this site. I used Fathom Analytics and I think they're a good privacy minded alternative to Google Analytics if you have an analytics requirement.

Ad free

I don't serve any ads and will never serve ads.